Gymnastics for Beginners

Course Description

In this course, former German National Gymnastics Champion, Sibylle Walters, gives 20 easy lessons for beginners learning gymnastics. Some of the moves covered are: Hand Stands, Back Extension Rolls, Headstands, Knees and Hand Drills, Tumbling Stretches, Standing Handsprings, Cartwheels and many ... (read more)


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Melika wrote 2 years ago.
I go to dance class and now I want to go to gymnastics

Sarah wrote 2 years ago.
I am 11 years old and i reaaaaallllyyy want to do gymnastics
but my parents wont sign me up cuz the outfits arent modest
enough do you know a gymnastics teacher that would let me
wear a more conservative outfit?

Mariita wrote 2 years ago.
i like,want and will do gymnastics

hailey wrote 2 years ago.
i like gymnastics

Andrea <3 wrote 3 years ago.
I dont get it . What if u want to join this program? .. How
are u gonna sign Up .. or something for u to join? --> I
wanna know how to do those stuff... like tumbling ,
cartwheel and etc.

haley wrote 4 years ago.
I REally want to do gymnastics it sound sooo fun i think i
might sign up for this but i reall y want to learn how to do
flips and things like that

spring wrote 4 years ago.
i like to be in gymnatics.

Effie wrote 5 years ago.
My 4 yr. old daughter and I watch Flairs Gym how to videos
all the time. They teach us so much. My daughter seems to
learn better by seeing someone do the skill we can watch
over and over body position, head and arm position these
videos are great. I wish Flairs Gym sold a video set warm up
stretches, strength training videos that I could but on the
TV so my daughter could stretch and work with them.

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