Lionel Laroche Lecture: Networking Canadian Style - Integrating Foreign Trained Professionals (2008)

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This conference is for Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs). It is meant to help you. In particular, it is meant to give you an opportunity to network, both with other IEPs and mainstream Canadians. In virtually all countries, including Canada, networking is an essential part of one’s... (read more)

Lionel Laroche Lecture: Networking Canadian Style - Integrating Foreign Trained Professionals (2008)
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Yagnesh wrote 3 years ago.
Simply excellent...
For everyone from beginner to
the person who keep forgetting to sell self after getting a

Dharmendra Valand wrote 4 years ago.
Fentastic presentation and of all above 4 videos. Truley,
underastandable and all immigrant need to have seen before
migrating. I am lucky enogh to get a chance. Thanks to
Lionel, settlement agencies and Government of Canada helping
immigrants with true (hard) facts and guiding them to be

Thanks once again,

Dharmendra Valand

Mahendran L.S. wrote 4 years ago.
It is surprising that none has commented on this
presentation. Its an amazing presentation. I feel my
perception was just mirrored. I liked the team work
definition in Canadian standard. However, I find something
missing in this presentation. "Non recognition of
foreign qualifications in spite of IQAS or WES evaluation.
Not even 1% of the highly educated immigrants are in the
right job with their right qualifications. And they can
never be in that position even if they spend 25 years living
in this country. We have all lost our identity and respects.

Coming to your presentation, it was well spoken, good
research and you mirrored exactly.


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