Roger Penrose: Conformal Cyclic Cosmology: Ideas and Current Observational Status

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Roger Penrose
Conformal Cyclic Cosmology: Ideas and Current Observational Status
Lecture in the Askloster Symposium, July 24, 2008

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Roger Penrose: Conformal Cyclic Cosmology: Ideas and Current Observational Status
Dr. Penrose transparency explaining black holes. Among his contributions in this area are:
1964 - Dr. Penrose proves that an imploding star will necessarily produce a singularity once it has formed an event horizon. In general relativity, an event horizon is a boundary in spacetime, most often an area surrounding a black hole, beyond which events cannot affect an outside observer.
1969 - Dr. Penrose discusses the Penrose process for the extraction of the spin energy from a Kerr black hole. The Penrose process was theorised by Roger Penrose wherein energy can be extracted from a rotating black hole.
1969 - Dr. Penrose proposes the cosmic censorship hypothesis. The weak and the strong Cosmic Censorship Hypotheses are two mathematical conjectures about the structure of singularities arising in general relativity.
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James Smith wrote 2 years ago.
Sir Roger, I recently saw a TV show which showed how the
Universe ends, and I immediately knew that that was
incorrect. Moreover, it came to me in an instant that the
universe is cyclical, how it begins and how it ends, and why
there is a black hole at the center of every galaxy. The
information ingested by black holes is not lost, it is, in
fact, the solution to everything. Please let me know if you
are interrested. Respectfully submitted, Jimmy Smith

Kirk wrote 3 years ago.
IS the spectrum of the temperature fuctuation possibly not
gaussian because some Correlation function has an extra pole
(if leptotic) or an extra zero (if kurtotic)?

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