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False Myths about Africa

    While searching for gold, white explorers first saw a city in the heart of Africa built of stone hundreds of years ago. Kings lived in these great walls in royal seclusion and enjoyed the mystery and power they provided. These kingdoms were as good and well governed as the European medieval ones. Evidence shows that earlier records prove that other outsiders admitted this about Africa, proving that racism is a relatively new concept. Instead of accepting this truth, white visitors invented exotic explanations of Africa's history, rather than admitting Africa had a rich history of its own. Hege, a noted philosopher, is quoted as saying: "This is the land where men are children…. let us forget Africa and never mention it again for Africa is no historical part of the world." It was even said that the savagenss of the Africans was even below the nobility of dogs. What these 'scholars' forget to mention is the 300 years of cruelty, torture, and death to Afri...

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Documentary Description

Africa: A Voyage of Discovery with Basil Davidson is a critically acclaimed informative series describing the history of Africa. The eight-hour series was produced in 1984. it is broken up into eight sections on four videos. Each section is 57 minutes long. Basil Davidson uses various resources. Davidson usually speaks as location footage of Africa is shown. From time to time, he makes an appearance in the videos. Also shown are archived media and dramatic reconstructions. The eight sections are listed below with subsections that we have created from notes.


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