J. Krishnamurti Twelfth Conversation with Dr Allen W. Anderson (1974)

Krishnamurti Twelfth Conversation with Dr Anderson (5/6)

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Documentary Description

J. Krishnamurti Twelfth Conversation with Dr Allen W. Anderson in San Diego, California
February 1974


A Wholly Different Way of Living

Anderson: Mr Krishnamurti, in our last conversation we were talking about religion as a phenomenon in relation to our concern for enquiring into the transformation of each individual human being, a transformation that is not dependent on knowledge or time, and during our discussion of religion you were speaking about what you regarded to be religion in the true sense, its relation to the act of attention and how when the whole personal history of hurt is a reference, this act of attention simply is vitiated, it cannot come to pass. And through the discussion of hurt that we had we touched. towards the end of the discussion, on love, and if it's agreeable with you perhaps we could explore this question of love now.

Krishnamurti: Sir, when you use the word 'explore', are we using that word intellectually, exploring with the intellect, or... (read more)


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