Prehistoric Astronomers (2009)

by Stephane Begoin & Vincent Tardieu

Chantal Jagues-Wolkiewiez, an independent French researcher, has come up with an exciting new hypothesis. She believes the Lascaux cave paintings represent a map of the sky. The sky as seen by the world's first artists 17,000 years ago. Source:
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Documentary Description

For the last 20 years, Chantal Jègues-Wolkiewiez, an independent astronomer and ethnologist, has lead a rigorous investigation to prove a theory about the origins of astronomy. It is commonly known that 35,000 years ago, Man was brutish and primitive and his main activities were copulation, hunting and gathering. But what if this Prehistoric Man were clever enough to develop in depth scientific knowledge? In this film, she shares her stunning conclusions: Prehistoric men chose their caves according to the orientation of the sun, created measuring tools such as a lunar calendar, and their wall paintings were the first maps of the sky and stars.

35,000 Years ago in Europe, tribes of hunter gatherers invented a fascinating artform. An art populated with animals, emerging from the depth of the earth. Some 18,000 years later in the heart of Périgueux region in france they created their most fabulous masterpiece: Lascaux. Prehistorians have offered all sorts of explanations for the paintin... (read more)


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Jo wrote 4 years ago.
This is astonishing material. Wonderful.Brilliant. Ties in
with so much other evidence that our forebears were far
brighter than we thought (perhaps far brighter than a lot of
us are even today!) Thank you Chantal for being so brave.

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