Superconductivity and Levitating Bullet Trains 
Superconductivity and Levitating Bullet Trains
by MIT / Walter Lewin
Video Lecture 19 of 36
Copyright Information: Walter Lewin, 8.02 Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism, Spring 2002. (MIT OpenCourseWare: Massachusetts Institute of Technology), (Accessed August 07, 2008). License: Creative commons BY-NC-SA
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Date Added: August 8, 2008

Lecture Description

How do Magicians levitate women? (with demo), Electric Shock Treatment (no demo),
Electrocardiogram (with demo), Pacemakers, Superconductivity (with demo), Levitating Bullet Trains, Aurora Borealis

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8.02 is a second-semester freshman physics class in electromagnetism. The website features lecture notes, problem sets with solutions, exams with solutions, links to related resources, and a complete set of videotaped lectures. The 36 video lectures on Electricity and Magnetism, by Professor Lewi... (read more)


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